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Ways in Which a DUI Can Harm Your Career

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Being arrested and convicted of driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs can have a very big impact on your life, in ways that you may not have considered. While you probably know about the expense of paying court-imposed fines and fees, and the hassle of finding alternate transportation when your driver’s license has been suspended, you may not be aware of the ways in which a California DUI or DWI can take a toll on your professional life. Even a first-time offense can trigger automatic sanctions—ones which you may not be able to contest before they go into effect.

Once you’re convicted of driving under the influence, certain administrative processes are automatically triggered when a conviction is listed on your criminal record. This can result in the loss of your ability to do your job in certain fields, or practice as a licensed professional in the State of California. These professional consequences and their ensuing impact on your lifelong earning ability are even more reason to seek out a determined, zealous criminal defense attorney to protect your rights and interests if you’re arrested in California for a DUI.

Many professions that require their practitioners to be licensed will move to see a licensed revoked temporarily, or possibly permanently, after a conviction or guilty plea to a DUI. The governing bodies of state licensing boards often include a provision saying that a conviction for an offense related to the field in which the convicted person works will trigger sanctions. That said, the definition of what is or is not related to a profession can be broad. For example, the California Board of Behavioral Sciences can suspend the license of a social worker or marriage and family therapist based on a criminal conviction for a DUI, as that body considers the crime “related” to the field. Those who work in the medical field, including both doctors and nurses, may incur the imposition of fines as well as license revocation. Those studying for board certification exams may be prevented from taking such exams, since a criminal conviction will interfere with background checks and moral character reviews often required before a candidate will be licensed. Those who work with children at a daycare, preschool, or after-school program may be barred from entering the premises after their conviction for a DUI. Even real estate professionals can be fined and see their license suspended after a DUI conviction.

Protect your future and make sure you’re permitted to move on with your life as quickly as possible after an arrest and seek out responsible, determined criminal defense representation by calling Ventura DUI, DWI, and criminal defense lawyer Paul Tyler for a consultation on your case, at 805-889-9000.

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