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Client Testimonials

Excellent!  Thank you for Everything

I retained Mr. Tyler almost a year and half ago. My case was complicated by a slow moving DA and an “eleventh hour” filling. I was unfortunate enough to have caused a small bodily injury, so the DA filled the DUI as a felony. Ventura County is probably one of the worst counties to get a DUI and in my estimation their system and penalties are extremely Draconian. That said, Mr. Tyler navigated a justice system for me in such a way that I got excellent results. He made sure that my case was heard by the “right” judge, advised me on how best to present myself and ultimately was instrumental in my potential Felony conviction and potential prison time being reduced to a Misdemeanor with minimum work furlough time. He has continued to help me through my Probation and how best to comply with the terms of my probation.

During all of the legal “wrangling” Paul was supportive and empathetic to myself and my family.We had never found ourselves in this sort of position before and he was always available to explain how “things” worked and more importantly what I could expect. I never once felt overwhelmed or alone.

I am very happy with the results that he achieved and would very earnestly recommend his services and talents to anyone that needs top notch legal representation. Thank You Again.



Paul was an incredible advocate!!

Paul was an excellent advocate and represented me to the fullest!! I had an old complicated DUI from nearly three years ago, due to some personal hardships I moved up North with my family shortly after being convicted. Resulting in an outstanding warrant for over two years, after failing to appear at a hearing to review my jail time. At the time I was given permission to complete my sentence of 40 days in my home county (Santa Barbara). Due to my medical condition (pregnancy) and over crowding in the facility I was released after only 5 days. When Paul first appeared on my behalf (by the way I never had to step into the court room during the entire proceedings!) to have my warrant recalled and request time to review my case the judge made it very clear that he was not satisfied with the time I served nearly two years ago and wanted me to complete the remaining 35 days in the Ventura facility, plus there was a possible probation violation after being non-compliant for over two years. I was completely distraught! 35 maybe 45 days with the new violation charge would be detrimental to my life. After grieving the loss of my two brothers, loss of my job and our home I was just barely getting my life back on track… living back in Santa Barbara, a new job, a two year old and a new 3 month old baby…going to jail for all that time would completely wipe out all of the progress I had made and pull me away from my young and entirely dependent children. I conveyed my desperation to Paul, he worked diligently on my behalf not only in the court room but with probation as well. By the grace of God and all of Paul’s tedious efforts the judge agreed to accept my 5 days from Santa Barbara County as “time served” and probation agreed not to violate me and give me full credit for my two “missing” years as long as I immediately enrolled in my program and began a payment plan for my fines!! Paul was incredible during this fearful time, not to mention he was affordable! What he did for me and my family was priceless!! I am so thankful and blessed!



A Job well Done

If you’re reading this review and in need of a DUI/DWI attorney, you obviously need some legal assistance to navigate through the process. Simply put, you need Paul Tyler’s representation. He’s both trustworthy and knowledgeable. Paul will advocate for you. Don’t wander through this scary process alone. You’ll get back on your feet faster and likely have your fines and penalties lowered if you use this attorney. I’m glad I used Paul and can’t imagine what would have happened if I had decided to represent myself!


Paul Saved My Life.

My name is Randall. I was in jail for possession & under the influence. I am a former navy seal with untreated PTSD. I self medicated after veitnam to forget what happened. Mr. Tyler took my case & got me on the right track. Without Paul’s help I would probably be dead. I was using cocaine & alcohol everyday. He saved my life & I am grateful for his understanding & care for people who are addicted. I’ve been clean a little over 11 yrs. Paul is a hero to me. Thank you Paul.



He Got My Case Dismissed! Awesome Attorney

For anyone looking for a criminal defense attorney in Ventura County look no further than Mr. Tyler. I got a DUI and was referred to him by my friend. He saved my license and my job.



Thank You Paul

Paul Tyler is outstanding lawyer very helpful, reassuring, prompt, & explained things really well. I’m grateful to him and I think anybody would be treated well and lucky to have him as their lawyer!



Paul Got My Case Dismissed!

I was arrested for felony sales of a controlled substance. Initially I went with the Public Defender who told me I was looking at possibility going to prison, so I got the money together and hired Paul Tyler. That was the best money I ever spent. Three months later he got my case totally dismissed! I can’t tell you how much appreciation I have for his representation. He was honest with me, pointed out the problem with the case, and followed through by getting the DA to agree to dismiss it.



Thank You For Getting My Entire Criminal Record Expunged

To anyone looking to hire an attorney I would like to offer my strongest recommendation of Paul Tyler. I had two felony convictions on my record from 4 years ago that were preventing me from getting a job so I hired Mr. Tyler to get my record expunged. He went to court with me and made a motion for expungement of my cases. Even though the probation department recommended against the expungement, Mr. Tyler was able to get the judge to grant the motion and expunge my record. That would not have happened without his representation. Now that I have a fresh start I was able to get a job and am moving on with my life.



I Learned My Lesson!!! Thank you Paul!!

I am going through a divorce and was recently arrested for criminal threats, which I later learned was a strike felony. I hired Paul Tyler to represent me. I was really scared. The best news I ever heard was when Paul called me and told me that the DA had agreed to dismiss my case. Unbelievable! I would hire Paul again in a second. He told me what he was going to do and he did it.



I Offer My Highest Recommendation of Paul Tyler

Paul, I just wanted to send you this note to say thank you for getting my DUI dismissed. I know I made a mistake by putting myself in a position to get arrested, but you seriously saved me by making the whole thing go away. I don’t know what I would have done with a DUI on my record. Thank you again for everything.


He Did Exactly What He Promised

I cannot believe you got my DUI dismissed. I don’t care if it was just a technicality! I got a lot of attorney solicitations in the mail after I was arrested. I am so glad I went with you! Send me some cards!


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