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What to Do If You Get Arrested

If you have been arrested you are probably going through one of the most stressful times in your life. However, the first and only thing you need to do is seek out help. You need help from one or two professionals…a bail agent and an attorney.

If you are still in custody you will need a bail agent to assist you in getting released from custody. For more information about bail, please go to the “Getting a Bail Bond” portion of this site

Of greater importance, however, you need an experienced attorney. The criminal justice system is full of pitfalls that even attorneys can sometimes fall into.

The first step is to realize that as bad as things seem at the beginning there is always hope and light at the end of the tunnel.

If you are arrested on a misdemeanor your first court date will be about 30 days after your arrest. On felonies the first court date is about one week after the arrest. Therefore time is limited.

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