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“When you get arrested you will almost certainly get fifteen or twenty solicitations in the mail from attorneys who all claim to be the best. Each will claim that they have more experience than the next and that only they can help you get out of the mess you are in.

Some of these attorneys will try to convince you to hire them based on their low fees, while others will try to charge enormously high fees in an attempt to convice you that you get what you pay for.

Well I have a different viewpoint. I believe in charging a fair price while delivering exactly what you would expect in return:

In other words…you are not my “client”, you are my “customer”, and you deserve to be treated as one.

I pride myself on personalized service and being available to you 24/7. I am local. I grew up in Ventura County and that is where I handle the vast majority of my cases.

Because I have appeared in the Ventura Courts almost everyday for the past 18 years I know the local judges, prosecutors and court staff better than almost anyone.

The bottom line is that you need a lawyer you can trust to do the right thing for you while not overcharging you for what gets done.

At all times I will be honest with you about your case and offer you sound advice about what you should do in order to resolve the case in the most suitable way. Sometimes I will be able to get your case dismissed, and sometimes I won’t. Somtimes I can get a case reduced to lessor charges, and sometimes I can’t. But when you deal with me, you will always know that whatever happens it was the very best outcome you could possibly get.

My rates are among the most affordable, I offer reasonable payment plans, and I gladly accept all major credit cards.

But don’t base your decision on what to do simply on what is said in this website. In order to determine if I am the best attorney for your case you need to call me and talk with me on the phone. I offer a free consultation. I will answer your call myself, ask you about your case, tell you how I would propose to handle it and quote you a fair fee.

There is no obligation. My phone number is 805-889-9000. I hope I can help you. Please call anytime.”

Paul Tyler

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